Brewster Federal Credit Union Newsletter

July-August-September 2018   Phone 330-767-4345

In this Issue; E-statements, Annual Privacy Notice, Monthly Specials, Amusement Park Tickets, Christmas Club, Fraud Number

E-Statements- Now is the time to go green with BFCU.  When you sign up for E-statements, you automatically get a $10, that’s right, a $10 credit to your account.  An e-statement is an electronic version of your bank statement that contains all the same information but saves paper and frees up storage space.  E-statements are a safe, secure way to view your account statements.  Sign up online at  Be sure to click start e-statements.

Annual Privacy Notice- Our annual privacy notice may be viewed online at  Go to bottom of home page, click on privacy notice, towards the middle of the page it will say: Credit Union Privacy Statement, to get the PDF version, click on click here.  You may also receive a paper copy in the mail by calling 330-767-4345.

July & August Special- August is back to school time!  Please bring your kids to the credit union for a special gift… during the months of July and August.

September Tailgate Special- Enter our drawing to win a Tailgate Special Package by either: opening an account, referring a new member, starting a new service, getting a new loan, or making a deposit during the month of September.

Best Rates in Town- Personalized Lending Program- Our rates depend on your individual credit score.  Vehicle loans and Personal loans available.  Contact us today.

Discounted Amusement Park Tickets- Cedar Point Any Day $49.00, Junior/Senior $45.00, Cedar Point Shores $33.00, 2-day Admission $74.00, tickets on sale through October

Christmas Club- Payout will be the first week in October…continue to make deposits so you can be prepared for the Holiday Season…it will be here fast!  Remember, your payout will be transferred to your shares account, unless you have made arrangements to have your check mailed to you.

ADD the Fraud Department Number to your contacts in your phone, just in case they call you regarding your debit card transactions!! It may be an out-of-state number.  1-888-690-7888.

CO-OP SHARED BRANCHING- to find locations visit:

For immediate access to your payroll check deposit- just show them your paystub that was attached with your check.   It will be coded differently so funds are available immediately.  Any check deposited that is not a government or payroll check will have a two-day hold, please plan accordingly.

To find locations: download the shared branching app, search for co-op shared branching locator – your credit union travels with you!

We have more than 5,000 credit union shared branches around town, for business travel, or on vacation, you can use any co-op shared branch just like you use your own credit union.


Dividends paid June 30, 2018

Regular Shares-balance $500 & over rate .20%, APY .201% 

Share Drafts-balance $1000 & over rate .20%, APY .201%

Christmas & Vacation Club-balance $100 & over rate .20%, APY .201%

Certificate of Deposit-minimum deposit of $1,000 rate for 6 months .40%, APY .401%

Certificate of Deposit-minimum deposit of $1,000 rate for 12 months .50%, APY .501%

APY=Annual Percentage Yield.  Rates subject to change without notice.  Please contact the credit union for additional information.

Holiday Closings, Independence Day-July 4th & Labor Day-September 3rd

Brewster Federal Credit Union – 105 S Wabash Ave, PO Box 115, Brewster, OH 44613

Phone 330-767-4345, Fax 330-767-4666,

To report a lost or stolen debit card, please call our office 330-767-4345 during normal business hours or 1-888-690-7888 after hours or weekends.  Hours Monday thru Friday 9:00am to 5:00pm

This credit union is federally insured by the National Credit Union Administration

Eight Ways to Prepare Your Child for School

Starting school can be scary for children.  Here are eight suggestions to help prepare your child for the first day of school:

1.       Let your child know what the schedule will be like, tell them what time school begins and ends each day.

2.       Talk to your child about their feelings, both their excitement and their concerns about starting school.

3.       Visit your child’s school to see their classroom and meet the teacher before school starts.

4.       Point out the positive points, it will be fun, and they will see old friends and may make new ones too.

5.       Let your child know all kids are nervous about the first day of school, you were when you were in school too.

6.       Leave a note in your child’s lunchbox that will remind him you’re thinking of him while he’s at school.

7.       Reassure your child that you will be there to help resolve any problems.

8.       Find out about after-school activities.  Is there a club or sports team they can join?